Work with ros

Now is your time to thrive.
Let’s partner in womanhood and do this together…

Partner in Womanhood Starter Session

1 x 60 mins

A bespoke one-to-one session with Ros that focuses on supporting you in exploring who you are, what you really want, and the woman you want to be. This is the perfect option if you’re wanting to dip your toes in the water and experience the benefits for yourself.

Partner in Womanhood Supported Plan

4 x 60 mins

Four one-to-one sessions with Ros. During a one hour-long session per week over the course of a month, you will focus on establishing who you truly are and what you want, while defining a clear direction for achieving those goals: Ideal for those who a looking to extend their guidance.

Partner in Womanhood Supported Year of Success

12 x 90 mins

Extended one-to-one sessions once a month with Ros, focused on supporting you in establishing who you are, clarifying what you want, defining yourself positively, and creating a definite purpose. We aim to map a clear plan with manageable steps to support you in achieving your personal goals.