Angel Power

Soar towards your goals with both wings.

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What is Angel Power Club?

Imagine flying with only one wing – what do you think would happen? The reality is that you wouldn’t get very far, and you may even find yourself going in circles.

The Angel Power Club is a private, supportive and encouraging group of women who work together, in sync with their Guardian Angels, to achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Through two one-on-one personal sessions and the support of this energising community, you can discover the freedom, strength and inspiration that comes with working closely with your angel.

Soar towards your goals with both wings. Fly high. Fly purposefully. Fly confidently.

Your Development

This is an opportunity to make real progress towards achieving your own personal life goals. The Angel Power Club fully believes that if you know where you’re going – with clear direction – you’re going to get there. Joining this community is the first step towards making your dreams a reality.

With my method of the 4 Angelic ‘A’s – Ask, Accept, Act and Align – we work to build you up in the most incredible way, which allows you to find greater direction in life. When you apply these philosophies to your goals, you bring your Guardian Angel into your life in a manner that leads to progress and success. It’s an opportunity to experience Angel Power Realities.

This process draws on the relationship I’ve had with angels throughout my life. My approach has been meticulously crafted to offer something that can’t only be achieved through one-to-one sessions, but through a nurturing community as well.

Your Guardian Angel is here to help – you just need to ask them.

What my clients are saying about Angel Power Club:

There's just something truly special about Ros, her energy, her gentleness, her support, that draws you in and opens you up. I have loved being part of the Angel Power Club, the insights it has given me, the support Ros has shared, and being part of a group of like-minded women. Ros brings a vibration of lightness and fun in everything she does which is contagious. You can clearly see she has a strong and loving relationship with the angels which she openly shares.
At first I didn’t know much about angels and I was a little bit hesitant when one of my friends gifted me a Guardian Angel session with Ros. After having this experience I was speechless. Ros was really wonderful and kind, she told me what I needed to hear at that moment in order to put my life together and start again. I then enrolled in the Angel Power Club where I choose to be supported in reaching my career goals. In each and every session I gained so much clarity.
I cannot begin to put into words how deeply moving my Guardian Angel reading was with Ros. I was so thrilled to be able to receive information about my beautiful Angel and the information that Ros gave me about my life and journey were incredibly accurate, and finally made all the pieces of my puzzle fit. It was such an incredible experience and there is no one else that I would've wanted this reading from, other than Ros. She embodies angelic energy.
Maria R