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Supported steps towards a successful spiritual career

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What is Oracle Card Academy?

With a focus on fulfilment and support, the Oracle Card Academy aims to help you appreciate and achieve your fullest potential. Reading a deck is an extremely personal experience, and being in the position to interpret the guidance instantly is extremely rewarding.

Gently wean yourself off the instructions to independently reap the full benefits of what a reading has to offer. The life guidance this can provide has proved invaluable to both myself and my students; mapping out the path to purpose in a clear and concise way.

As a passionate Oracle Card reader myself, I can testify to the fundamental difference having an understanding of the deck can make to your life. The Oracle Card Academy teaches a clear unique method, and once you have mastered the interpretations of colours and symbols, you will harness the personal power that comes with the Oracle Cards’ guidance.

Your Development

The OCA Gold Certified Reader Training involves ten supported and mentored steps that will eventually ready you for a successful spiritual career.

During your time with me, we will uncover your personal specialisms and define your goals while developing a solid skill set that will place you in the position to share these with the world.

This journey of growth is one we will experience together, as I provide ongoing support in a nurturing environment. As a team, we will work closely together on ensuring that your experience is rewarding and fulfilling, leaving you in a position to confidently turn everything you’ve learned into a successful career.

Meet the established community of inspiring Oracle Card readers and encouraging students who will support you during and after your experience, meaning you will receive ongoing support as you journey along a new path.

What my clients are saying about Oracle Card Academy:

Ros is an illuminator. She can see only the highest, most positive options for any situation. She is a beautiful connector with the other side. She “guided” and supported me through difficult times without judgement, only light. Ros is pure joy.
The Angel Power Club was very good. I received guidance when asked and Ros is very approachable and gives clarity when asked.The community is very open and giving:I recommend this group for setting goals and realization of your dreams eventually.
Ros is an amazing woman who genuinly cares for her customers. She is very welcoming, warm and understanding. Her readings are accurate and empowering! She really goes that extra mile to make sure that you get the help you need!